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Accenture Public Safety Services

Next generation public safety


Accenture Public Safety Services combines business process models and technology to provide unique solutions for improving the operational effectiveness of border management, intelligence, police forces and other public safety agencies at lower cost, reducing the time and risk associated with transformation programs. It integrates the police functions and delivers new insight from information, enabling more proactive and value-based decisions while maintaining a better balance between information sharing, quality, citizens’ service and security.

Why Accenture
Our Public Safety Services improves the operational and IT effectiveness of public safety agencies while reducing cost and transformational risk. It improves decision-making and proactivity through improved insight and information management, analytics, digital technology and delivers strategic and operational benefits to both the agency and the citizen.

Specific Services

Accenture provides a range of services that help public safety agencies protect national interests and safeguard citizens.

Accenture recognizes the unique challenges facing public safety agencies and can help them become high performers by identifying emerging opportunities and applying strategic insight, analytics, and strong implementation and IT digital capabilities.