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Take the public sector analytics
maturity assessment survey

Public service organizations can use analytics to shift from a reactive role to a more proactive one.

Accenture Analytics Maturity Assessment 

The first step toward analytic excellence is to understand where your organization is now. Accenture invites you to assess your organization’s analytic maturity against the five steps of the DELTA model—data, enterprise, leadership, targets and analysts. The online survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete and provides instant feedback on your score. See how you compare against other respondents.


Beyond Business Intelligence: From What’s Now to What’s Next [PDF, 107KB]

Forward-thinking government agencies are using analytics as a critical tool to transform information about now into insight about what’s next. By moving up the analytics curve, health and public service organizations can use predictive analytics to shift from a reactive role to a more proactive one—making smarter decisions, identifying steps to achieving high performance and delivering on health and public sector strategic priorities.


Analytics Culture: The Secret to Success [PDF, 610KB]

Given the buzz around analytics, why are so few organizations getting it done? A quick scan of analytical competitors answers that question. These organizations celebrate the capabilities required to win with analytics. The magic occurs when the interpersonal and process strengths of an innovative, results-focused culture are combined with the technical and data-mining skills required to deliver high performance. This is the key to success — the “secret sauce” — of analytics competitors.