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Revenue consulting helps agencies rethink how they work for new outcomes

Revenue Consulting.

Bringing strategies and innovative approaches, revenue consulting is helping agencies find better ways to meet the mission and serve taxpayers.

Raising the Performance of Revenue Agencies
[PDF, 584KB]

As public sector administrations continue to struggle with mounting deficits, the revenue agencies that serve them face a major dilemma: how to reduce costs while preserving taxpayer service levels and collecting more revenue. Some government agencies are finding success in dealing with this issue by using analytics.

After the Crisis: How Revenue Agencies are Achieving High Performance
[PDF, 420KB]

This compelling view of revenue agencies in a post-crisis, globalized world offers five actions to help develop an efficient, effective operating model for the new environment. It also provides examples of revenue agencies around the world that are already taking steps to advance in the journey to high performance.

Inland Revenue Authority Singapore: Interactive Tax Administration System using Microsoft .NET
[PDF, 168KB]

In this podcast, Accenture's chief scientist, describes Accenture's technology vision and the major trends that are defining the technology and business landscapes. He also offers examples of innovation that will affect the future of tax systems and how together they will let revenue agencies operate more elastically.