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From information to policing intelligence in high performance policing

Driving high performance policing through sophisticated, cost-effective management of information and processes.

Information Management in Policing: Improving Efficiency and Performance
[PDF, 1MB]

Police forces around the world must meet unprecedented challenges and increasing citizen expectations while improving efficiency and eliminating waste with reduced resources. Faced with these challenges, how are policing organizations to protect citizens, increase public confidence and make people feel safer?

21st Century Policing: Transforming Complex Information to Deliver High Performance
[PDF, 980KB]

Information is the lifeblood of policing. Find out how Accenture helps police forces to collect, collate, analyse and apply information to help fight crime by capturing information just once reliably and consistently, automating collection and analysis, sharing across forces and justice agencies, and eliminating errors.

Spanish Civil Guard SIGO System

Cast study outlining how we helped implement a police management support system that would cover all the needs of a national police force and allow the Spanish Civil Guard to co-ordinate with security forces through the exchange of police related information and judicial requirements.