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Pension System Transformation is critical amid a global pension crisis

With the right strategies, technologies and approaches, pension organisations are reinventing how they work and serve pensioners.


Download PDFThe Benefits Agency of the Future [PDF, 1 MB]

The nature of change is a compelling question for pension organisations. This paper explores why change is required, in what ways organisations should change and how organisations can change in light of today’s complex pension landscape. By following five success factors, organisations can begin the transformation to become high-functioning agencies of the future.


Download PDFA New View of Pension Reform from Accenture Pensions [PDF, 165 KB]

Real pension reform demands that agencies engage with people in new ways well before retirement age. People have different needs at various stages of life, so pension reform demands that agencies break through organisational boundaries and remake when and how they connect with customers. This view of pension reform centres on the notion that retirement should be the end of a customer’s relationship with pension agencies—not the beginning.


Download PDFNorway: Transforming Pension Benefit Administration [PDF, 66 KB]

Explore Accenture’s collaboration with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) that is improving the delivery of government benefits. Learn how NAV is preparing for pension reform with a pension portal for citizen self service, streamlined administration and the centralisation of casework among other sweeping changes.