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The next wave of public service and government technology will reshape government

Large public service and government technology.
From cloud computing to digital to new ERP investments, public service technology initiatives are improving the work of government with new efficiencies.

Accenture Technology Vision 2012: Emerging Technology Trends for IT Leaders [PDF]

What evolving IT trends are poised to change government, business and society in the coming years? Our research team connected with scientists, architects and engineers to identify and analyze rising technology trends to help our clients to understand the opportunities—and challenges—that lie ahead as they look to unleash the potential of the latest technologies.

Six Questions Government Executives Should Ask About Cloud Computing

When compared to the private sector, government leaders face different challenges when it comes to cloud computing. Accenture has identified six key questions government decision makers should ask about it. By focusing on these questions, government executives can narrow their inquiries and start to identify opportunities and risks that will affect their organizations.