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Human Services IT is helping organizations transform how they work

Human Services IT.

Powerful human services IT approaches—such as service-oriented architecture and portals—are essential to integrating human services delivery.


Download PDFAccenture Public Service Platform: The Promise of Service-Oriented Architecture Delivered Today [PDF, 948 KB]

The Accenture Public Service Platform is a flexible solution for human services agencies looking to integrate legacy systems, improve service delivery and respond to change. It combines the quick implementation of a commercial, off-the-shelf or transfer approach with the tailoring of a custom solution—lowering development times, costs and risk.


Download PDFAccenture Public Service Platform: Building the Foundation for Improved Service Delivery [PDF, 1 MB KB]

Human services IT organizations face the challenge of doing more with less. They need to reduce their infrastructure footprint with technology that is flexible enough to meet rapidly changing needs. The Accenture Public Service Platform (APSP) provides an out-of-the-box service-oriented architecture that can improve human services delivery.


Download PDFNew York City: Integrated Health and Human Services Delivery [PDF, 273 KB]

New York City is leading the way with innovative human services IT initiatives. The City’s HHS Connect program has allowed the City to dramatically transform how it operates by deploying five foundational projects that are breaking down barriers among human services agencies and promoting collaboration, transparency and improved service delivery.