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Automated border management solutions provide fast and secure traveler processing

Border Management Solutions

With growth in traveler and documentation complexity, border posts are busier than ever: border management solutions provide fast and secure processing, freeing up border agencies for intelligence-led border control.

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London Heathrow Airport Border Management Solution [PDF, 215KB]


For London Heathrow airport, which handles the greatest number of international passengers in the world, there was a need to expedite the movement of an increasing number of passengers in the context of finite resources.

Insights into Automated Border Clearance

Using insights from years of automated border clearance experience, this document is designed to help border management and immigration agencies consider the implications of automated border clearance systems and their potential for keeping international borders safe and efficient. It looks at the benefits for various stakeholders and considers key decisions when implementing an automated border clearance solution.

The Future of Identity: Large-Scale Matching

How can biometric systems easily scale up to meet increasing volumes or adequately improve security, speed, availability and accuracy at the border? Find out how to unlock the potential of biometric solutions to perform faster, more accurately and at larger scale.

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