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Tale Kleven Halse is a senior manager who joined Accenture Health in no small part due to its successful record of helping health care clients overhaul, upgrade, and streamline their business models and bring them into The New. She works with a select team of specialists on the frontlines proposing a solution that will bring the electronic health records (EHR) of an entire region in Norway onto one IT platform. This will be the first time that providers in Norway will be able to access patient information across different levels of care and improve the quality of health care delivery.

“I am pleased to be a part of Norway’s effort to elevate health care for patients by focusing on a comprehensive EHR system,” says Halse. “This is a national pilot project that impacts an entire health care system, both specialty and primary care, and will greatly improve the quality of care for all residents if successful.” Halse continues saying that this is a people project, and its success relies entirely on getting people on board. “The proposed IT system is state-of-the-art, and a necessary tool to create change, however, it requires end-user buy-in.”

Like Accenture Health’s other global experts, her background is both storied and unique. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in political science from Long Beach State in California led her to work as a health policy advisor for a political leader who advocated expedient and quality health care services for the people she served. Halse gained even more industry knowledge when she was appointed assistant deputy director of Health and Human Services in San Diego County. While in that capacity, she was the catalyst for getting her staff on board to work preventative using data analytics and promoting innovation about how to better serve the population.

Halse is on the team of Accenture consultants working with a leading American EHR company to create a successful solution for the hospitals, municipalities, general practitioners, and patient advocates committed to EHR modernisation. As a leader in sales, she pitches effective strategies, introduces new services, and stays abreast of market trends that impact client solutions.

But Halse’s investment in this project goes beyond a professional interest.

“I’m pregnant!” she says. “Under Norway’s current system, I still have to carry paper health documents with me everywhere I go—even to the hospital when I go into labor. It’s time to find a new way of providing health care to all Norwegians whose health care delivery could be compromised if their providers don’t have access to their medical records.”

Even though she misses California’s warm weather and bright sunshine, Halse is happy to be with her family and welcome her newborn into traditional Norwegian culture.

The proposed IT system is state-of-the-art, and a necessary tool to create change, however, it requires end-user buy-in.

Tale Kleven Halse

Electronic Health Records Expert


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