Why electronic health records are important?

Health records: beyond the digital filing cabinet

EHRs must provide a sound basis for effective digital health. Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and population health management all depend on a structured foundation of accurate data.

Enabling digital health services

Data enables clinical and back office decision support. European HIMSS research indicates EHR implementation is the priority for 23% of respondents.

What doctors expect

Providers that want a full view of the patient need to establish EHR databases as a foundation for more complex EHR-driven services.

Looking ahead

Those that have existing EHR databases need to structure and optimise the data to extract greater efficiency and improve health outcomes.

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What we do

Your Trusted Health Record Advisor

Accenture has the consulting and technology skills and experience, combined with the global healthcare industry expertise, to become your trusted EHR transformation adviser and partner. We can help you from scratch, leveraging trusted, proven Accenture Delivery Methods and a network of global subject matter experts and local delivery capability.

We’ll help you transform static EHRs into a foundation for effective organisational decision support, efficient backend enterprise management and dynamic front end patient interfacing. These will have a deep impact on the sustainability of the care you provide, by delivering the health analytics, AI, and digital health applications to realise the full potential of the foundation you’ve put in place.

Bringing EHRs to Life

Accenture brings EHRs to life from conception at the strategic planning phase, to delivery and beyond, making sure your EHR develops well and brings both organisational and care benefits, while helping to make your healthcare system more economically sustainable.

Unlocking EMR success

Future of EMR and clinical insights

The EMR hierarchy of needs

Who we worked with

Learn how Accenture helped develop and deliver a new EHR system that enables national clinician and patient health record access when and where they’re needed.

EHRs: Digital solutions empower patients and improve safety across all of Norway

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