In brief

In brief

  • COVID-19 has exacerbated industry realities and brought about new human truths that have an impact on all strategies going forward.
  • The crisis has also left its mark on people, challenging feelings of safety and influencing behaviours.
  • A new strategic framework can outmaneuver uncertainty and create a resilient health ecosystem that empowers humans to be safe, secure and confident.

The pandemic is magnifying industry challenges, testing healthcare’s resilience. New business norms will have an impact on strategies for all healthcare organisations in the next two years.

Persistent DISTANCE

Distance has moved from ‘convenience’ to ‘necessity.’ This leads to a monumental, structural shift in care models, physical spaces and patient experiences.

Community TRUST

Trust has evolved from individual liberty to a collective good. There will be greater emphasis on the triple bottom-line and generating societal benefit.

SURGE as requirement

Emergency response turned into a persistent pandemic response need that requires new operational approaches to manage capacity and volumes, minimising financial disruption.

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Health’s NewFUTURE framework

It has become necessary to seamlessly connect care, society and work through a NewFUTURE framework.


Marrying digital-physical to provide effective, trusted, reliable care physically and at a distance to instil confidence, safety and respect.


Creating a trust-based community that rallies around humanity’s health and wellbeing.


Fostering an environment for an elastic and secure workforce to respond to ‘surge’ at any moment, ensuring.


Preparing for evolving needs with an agile and boundaryless system to weather any future crisis and capture new growth opportunities.

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As the future unfolds, healthcare organisations can seize this moment and earn trust by resetting promises to constituents. Experiences delivered will be where these promises are kept. Embarking on the NewFUTURE will require a measured path, guided by strategic leadership, propelled by technology and innovation.

Material changes are on the horizon, necessitating a NewFUTURE framework to outmaneuver uncertainty: seamlessly connecting care, society and work.

​Michael Pitsch

Senior Managing Director – Consulting, Health, Europe

Pat Power

Managing Director – Accenture Ireland Health Lead


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