In brief

In brief

  • Staying ahead of vulnerabilities that can be used to breach networks helps proactively mitigate security risks and limit exposure to cyberthreats.
  • Companies may know of vulnerabilities but at too general a level to support rapid, predictive and corrective action.
  • “Vulnerability intelligence” tools give an organization increasingly specific guidance that can result in focused, timely responses.

All companies around the world face rapidly growing security threats due to their enterprise software vulnerabilities. They are fighting back, to be sure, but traditional approaches deployed against today’s cybercriminals are not equal to the challenge of detecting and preventing attacks. Companies need to leverage the right tools to not only detect and respond to cyberthreats but prevent them as well.

To stay ahead of threats, companies need actionable vulnerability intelligence, complete with recommended best practices for prioritizing and taking action to mitigate those vulnerabilities. In this way, cyberattacks based on vulnerability exploits can be greatly reduced.

A better approach is what is called “intelligence-driven security” or “vulnerability intelligence.” The “intelligent” aspect of such tools is that they can take an organization from general information (e.g., number of vulnerabilities) to increasingly granular and specific information that ultimately supports timely action. In combination with leading-edge IT service management platforms such as ServiceNow, vulnerability intelligence and up-to-date asset information and valuation can be quickly combined to provide a much more holistic view of the threat exposure of the organization.

A recent Ponemon Institute research report found that 62% of corporate security victims were unaware that their organizations were vulnerable prior to the data breach.

A leading-edge vulnerability management platform helps organizations respond faster and more efficiently to vulnerabilities, bring security and IT teams together, and provide real-time visibility. It connects workflow and automation capabilities with vulnerability scan data from leading vendors to give companies a single platform for response that can be shared between security and IT.

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