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Traditional CSPs must evolve now or get left behind

Network virtualization is a powerful tool for CSPs willing to transform to digital service providers but the window of opportunity is limited.

Disaggregation that happened to IT a decade ago (from mainframes to desktop cloud) is now set to happen to the network. Software has once again disrupted the traditional integrated value chain.

Enterprise network functions previously delivered on the NEP’s equipment, over connectivity supplied by Communications Service Providers (CSPs), is now being delivered directly “as-a-Service” by almost anyone using standardized, virtual/software functions.

While some in the telecom industry have been resistant to the notion that enterprise clients are seeking to pursue this virtual option, new Accenture research finds the market is ripe for network virtualization.

With the virtualization wave set to hit the network in the next couple of years, evolving from a traditional services provider to an Integrated Service Provider is a complex task. Here are three key insights CSPs should consider if they want to win against the digital giants to become a disrupter, rather than the disrupted.