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A new frontier for technology

Using nimble innovation to drive profitable business growth.


Most CIOs today are struggling with how to innovate to deliver timely, incremental value at a reasonable cost. They lack the necessary budget, people or time to take the business in a new direction due to their focus on the ongoing demands of daily technology maintenance and support.

Nimble innovation offers a golden opportunity for technology leaders to change their mind-set from struggling to achieve business value to being a consistent driver of competitive business advantage.

Nimble innovation brings together funding and resources across the business, IT and external partner ecosystem to solve business problems in a time-bound, incremental fashion.


Key Findings

Achieving a mind-set shift for nimble innovation

Take time-bound, incremental steps to meet your business objectives
By tying innovation to clear business outcomes, measuring progress and calling a halt to innovation that is not working, companies can gain a new, rapid-test, fail-fast process that focuses on learning through failure and results in cost-effective innovation.

Establish a culture and ecosystem for innovation
It is no longer cost effective for companies to set up innovation centers or restrict innovation to their own backyard. Leading CIOs are creating liquid workforces by taking advantage of the on-demand economy to help them fast track innovation and make the search for innovative practices integral to the fabric of the organization.

Extend the funding beyond traditional IT boundaries
Nimble innovation pools funding beyond IT. There are many sources of funding outside of the technology organization that could be used—from discretionary funds within the business, to taking advantage of low-cost emerging markets.


A new frontier of innovation is being established. CIOs can benefit if they:

Adopt an innovation mind-set focused on targeted outcomes: Start with the desired customer and business outcomes, and work backwards to tie technology innovation ideas to those outcomes.

Adapt the IT and business operating model to be open to external ecosystems: Use fluid approaches such as crowdsourcing, bridgemakers or academic institutions to form external innovation networks.

Take a holistic approach to funding sources: Pool business and IT funding, resources—with governance—to boost joint innovation efforts. Make use of emerging markets to pilot solutions at a lower cost.

"Visa Inc. used nimble innovation techniques to deliver new experiences for its customers by moving from idea to pre-concept, design implementation and roll-out of a proof of concept, all within a 12-week period."


Abizer Rangwala

Abizer Rangwala
Managing Director – Accenture Strategy
Technology Strategy

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