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The power of government-as-a-platform

Imagine government agencies facilitating collaboration, connecting people and providers and coordinating groundbreaking public service delivery models.

The rise of Government-as-a-Platform means government service delivery will face unprecedented interest from organisations looking to invent new approaches to serve the public. Will agencies act fast to foster the platform revolution? Or will they stand by, watch new players from other sectors take the lead and risk their future relevance?

Data currency

Data currency

Data is the foundation of public-private collaboration around service delivery, economic and social development and innovation.

Connective tissue, “the glue”

Connective tissue, “the glue”

Common services, technology architecture and governance create efficiencies that streamline user experiences for one-door service.

Network effect

Network effect 

Consumers and producers collaborate in a virtual “marketplace,” creating value for each other, which means better outcomes for citizens and society.

Scale multiplier

Scale multiplier 

Agencies scale impact without investment as organisations tap others’ skills, ideas and distribution networks—no ownership required.


Government-as-a-Platform is more than any one methodology. It’s a holistic approach, in which the public sector collaborates with private sector partners, citizens and even robots to create better outcomes. And it’s made possible through a seamless interplay of advanced capabilities, ranging from analytics to artificial intelligence to virtual reality—all coming together to enable more efficient, impactful and secure public services.



Four models
for government-as-a-platform

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2017 survey, 68 percent of public service executives surveyed believe digital ecosystems are already having a noticeable impact on, or will dramatically transform, the industry. The most effective platforms are designed around specific goals, situational needs and current capabilities—and agencies have options. Here are four platform models with varying communication channels and ecosystems for delivering public services.

Whole-of-Government Platform
Peer Platform
Ecosystem Platform
Crowd­sourcing Platform

The Future of
Public Service

Are  you  ready to connect?

We surveyed more than 5,500 citizens aged 18 or older in six countries to understand their perspectives on forward-thinking, platform-based government service models.

Should government agencies collaborate with companies, NGOs and citizens to better tackle social issues?

Yes No

Are citizens more comfortable sharing their personal information with private sector organisations than with government?

Yes No

Would citizens take an active role in personalising government services?

Yes No
6 in 10want to shape government services to be more personalised.
Global US Australia UK Singapore France Germany 0.5 0.00.660%60%64%57%59%64%57%

Do customers rate their experience with government on par with local/online retailers?

Yes No

Are citizens willing to use government services provided by non-government agencies?

Yes No

We captured insights from the millennial generation by hearing from students at the College of Europe and the PSHack100 in Helsinki about how they envision the future of public service.

Unlocking Digital Value
In Public Service

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Accenture, has conducted a yearly Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) project since 2015 to review the most recent developments in the digitalisation of business and society. The DTI framework provides guidance to policymakers, regulators and governments to identify and incorporate digital initiatives. Read more to learn about what you can do to realise the benefits of digital transformation for your government agency and the society at large.


Bernard le Masson shares how the Growth Multiplier provides insight into the role of digital and economic growth, and how this is especially significant to governments and other public service top civil servants as they look at ways to strengthen GDP growth.



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