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Driving pensions sustainability through digitisation and transformation

Facing stark challenges of sustainability and benefit adequacy, funds must embrace data analytics and use new technology to add value


Funding levels are dropping and generating returns remains challenging, but public pension funds have been slow to prepare effectively for greater longevity risk, members’ increasing desire to take control of their own retirement planning, and the risks around changes to regulation. This inertia has a negative impact on citizen engagement and funds’ ability to meet their obligations. We outline how they can catch up: By harnessing new technologies—digital platforms, advanced data analytics and rules engines—to improve sustainability insights, make services more user-friendly, add value for members by tailoring retirement advice and create an agile IT infrastructure.


Investment returns are shaky and funding levels are dangerously low, and pension leaders have only two options: to reduce benefits or to increase contributions. What’s more, with retirement levels higher than ever, retirees living longer and customer demands for service at a peak, change is inevitable at every level.

Key Findings

The industry must embrace business-oriented digital transformation to drive positive long-term outcomes and meet customer expectations. Taking a targeted, business-oriented approach, pensions can harness digital to:

  • Gain insights for improving fund sustainability

  • Give members more control over their retirement future

  • Offer education that supports members’ broader retirement/financial planning needs, beyond pensions

  • Adapt quickly and cost-effectively to the shifting regulatory landscape


Data analysis of member data enables pension funds to better understand the risks they face around increased longevity and a changing retirement age—and therefore their liabilities over the long term. They can take an informed approach to projecting growth by analysing the needs of their members.

Members want more control over their retirement planning, and new technologies—mobile apps, social media, and self-service online accounts—are eminently capable of providing this. Connecting with citizens in this way increases engagement and awareness, and has been shown to improve funds’ decision-making.

The insights provided by data analytics also enables funds to add value for their members, offering tailored retirement advice according to their profile and increasing engagement further still.

And new technologies can assist large pension organisations with their response to the frequent regulatory changes that can starve them of IT resources. So-called rules engines allow non-IT business experts to tweak systems in response to legislative changes—doing away with the need for IT to be involved, reducing effort and costs, and increasing efficiency.


Digital solutions offer the availability, flexibility and agility necessary to respond to heightened financial, operational and customer demands.

“No touch” processing, rules engines, analytics, mobile apps and social media are no longer merely desirable options, but rather capabilities critical to ensuring organizational health, stability and customer engagement.

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