Digital disruption for Finnish companies: Dream or nightmare?

Digital Disruption

Published 24. March 2015, by Accenture Finland

Digital Disruption for Finnish companies: Dream or Nightmare?

Digital is going to stay high on the company management agenda also this year. Industries and value chains change so rapidly due to digital technologies that no company or organization is unaffected by the revolution. The question is, whether the current digitalization is a continuation of earlier development or an actual disruption with the potential to transform entire industries.

In fall 2014, we decided to find out what digital disruption meant to Finnish companies and industries by interviewing more than 200 executives from major companies and public organizations in Finland. The results confirm that digital disruption is a reality now (56% of respondents) or it will become reality no later than during the next 5 years (94% of respondents). This means that within 5 years, practically no company or industry is immune to the digital disruption.

Read the research report here.