Why businesses need to embrace a new cloud vision

Digital disruption

By: Svein-Tore Omdahl

Businesses are increasing their use of cloud, but most aren’t getting the value they require. A new approach is needed.

The use of cloud technologies across organisations continues to grow, with Nordic countries among the most prolific users according to a recent EU survey . However, many businesses are falling short of getting all the value they could from cloud. That’s because, to date, many cloud implementations address only one part of solving a problem, or they’re discrete offerings procured by a business team to provide a specific application or support a particular capability. The consequent profusion of multiple ‘clouds’ within an organisation makes it hard for anyone to achieve an overall view and therefore control. In fact, some large cloud providers have been able to legitimately claim that they often know more about an organisation’s use of cloud than its CIO does.

TheLittle wonder that the conversation about cloud is fast evolving. It’s moving away from just discussing how cloud can swap capex for opex, or the challenges of achieving data security and meeting privacy concerns. Today’s conversation is becoming more expansive and imaginative – with a clear view of the host of benefits that the cloud can deliver as the platform to support a truly digital business, with all the speed and agility that implies. Of course, it’s not an overnight transformation. Every organisation needs to think through what their next steps should be. For businesses in the Nordic region, it’s a major opportunity to enhance an already leading position.

As they do so, we believe they’ll need to reflect on a completely new approach that we’re calling the ‘intelligent business cloud’; it’s a major departure from where most organisations find themselves today. The intelligent business cloud envisages organisations harnessing their public and private hybrid cloud environments in an integrated and controlled way. They’ll be able to unleash the cloud’s power to drive innovation, accelerate time to market and deliver the agility, flexibility and responsiveness that characterises a digital business – across the whole organisation.

A new vision for the intelligent business cloud needs to focus on the outcomes that will come from creating the connections and integrations that are absent from today’s disparate cloud environments. By enabling seamless, automated interoperability of workloads and applications between public and private environments, and integrating multiple clouds and vendors with centralized control and oversight, the intelligent business cloud can become the platform for value that cloud has always promised to be.

The intelligent business cloud will operate with ‘enterprise grade’ management and security capabilities. These, along with a single dashboard giving a centralised view and control of the whole IT real estate, put IT leaders in control, with the same degree of oversight that they’ve traditionally expected from their IT infrastructure. And the creation of more control is key to overcoming wider concerns about security, thus helping drive even higher adoption. We believe that the intelligent business cloud offers an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to compete effectively in the fast-changing global digital economy. They need to start planning the journey today.