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How do you innovate
operational behavior?

Cloud technology offers the only platform that can provide the speed, scalability, global reach and agility required by businesses seeking to embrace innovation.

To succeed, you need to reposition the cloud within your organization, making it the fundamental element of your competitive strategy and embrace new methods of technical operations.

Firms need to reposition the cloud within their organizations as the fundamental element of competitive technology operations to enable innovation.

Innovation lifted
on the cloud

Here’s the challenge, though: To ride cloud’s innovation wave, companies need operating and organizational models that are designed to be cloud-centered.

As competitive pressures compel enterprises to move to an innovation and business transformation mindset while adopting a more agile development approach: Technology leaders need to determine what must change at the operational level.

Technology leaders need to determine what must change at the operational level.

Start with these questions:

1. Where the old meets the new

How will we balance our existing structure with a new, agile approach?

In thinking about operational changes, technology leaders need to work out how to shift from an existing operating model to a new, agile model.

It’s important to create an organization that values speed, frequently adapts projects to market needs, and fosters an entrepreneurial, “freedom to fail” mindset. With that approach, organizations don’t wait for ‘perfect’ innovation, but quickly move ahead using iterative, continuous improvement.

2. A talent for transition

What new roles and skills are needed?

With the right talent, companies can boost their innovation and market position to quickly create and capture opportunities.

However, attracting, developing and retaining the talent for a cloud-based innovation strategy will require time and effort than before.

3. The ability for agility

What technologies can help us become more agile?

Emerging technology trends will support companies in the quest for new capabilities, and enhance organizational agility and flexibility. For example, the growing availability of automation can revolutionize and accelerate agile development, supporting both process innovation and the cloud platform.

Technology leaders must stage a process, talent, and organizational structure transformation to support innovation in the Cloud.

Siki Giunta, Managing Director, Accenture Cloud

Pick a path to
cloud-based innovation

Given the individual nature of most cloud-based innovations, each enterprise will select the transition path that works best for the business.

The two primary paths are:

Organic evolution

This is an evolutionary path within the company’s existing operational structure.

Agile revolution

In contrast, the agile path allows companies to start fresh, with fewer legacy concerns.

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