In brief

In brief

  • Discover the three technology trends that are enabling automotive executives to weave products and services in real-time into people’s lives to improve customer experience and generate new revenue streams.
  • Find out how advances in technology are not only reshaping mobility for the 21st century, but redefining it.
  • Learn about the necessary collaboration between all players within the automotive industry to build a connected ecosystem centered on the customer.

Accenture's 2018 Tech Vision report analyzes transformational technologies and the impact on businesses and society as a whole. We are in an era where innovative technologies are built into every interaction, allowing people and businesses alike to reimagine what's possible. Read our Tech Vision 2018 full report to discover the IT trends that are rapidly reshaping daily life and dive into an exciting new realm of opportunity for business growth.

Breakthrough developments in artificial intelligence (Al) have shifted vehicles from being disconnected to becoming hyper-connected nodes in a complex mobility ecosystem. From virtual showrooms to autonomous driving to smart traffic infrastructures, intelligent technologies are reaching broader and deeper, evolving every aspect of the automotive industry—and customer expectations.

Partnerships are becoming more common as the automotive industry recognizes a growing need for connected ecosystems to deliver the services that customers demand. Organizations must re-evaluate and reshape their businesses from the top down to address the shifting industry landscape and challenges that can come from creating and managing relationships.

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These three technology trends are transforming the automotive industry and creating the foundation for future enterprise growth.

Extended Reality

The distance between car buyers and vehicles in closing, creating improved experiences for customers.


Citizen AI

Innovations are going beyond simple efficiency, transforming the way that customers interact with their vehicles.


Internet of Thinking

Auto industry leaders must find ways to extend their infrastructures into smarter & connected environments.

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Auto Tech Vision 2018

Accenture's Technology Vision has identified five technology trends that will reshape the automotive industry over the next few years. See more.

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Jens Woehlbier

Managing Director – Accenture Automotive

Gabriel Seiberth

Managing Director – Accenture Digital


Tech Vision 2018: Intelligent enterprise unleashed
AI transforms into industry game-changers

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