Tomas Nyström

Managing Director - Advanced Technology and Architecture



There will always be a need for big, complex enterprise software systems to support large organisations. But now, with companies targeting greater agility, we’re seeing a pronounced shift towards, simpler, more modular and more customised apps. As the global lead for our Advanced Technology practice this is an area where I’m actively involved with clients. With digital changing the way companies work forever, we’re helping organisations to develop the next-generation methodologies, architectures and technologies in application development that are going to be so vital to their future competitiveness.

As a passionate technology architect, I serve on our global and EALA MTA boards. Master Technology Architect (MTA) is a certification program we use internally at Accenture to certify and develop our architects.

During my time at the firm (I joined in 1997), I've been involved in almost all areas of our business. That’s included leading our technology architects and our technology consulting practice locally, handling systems integration across all types of technologies (custom and package), and leading various outsourcing and PMI programs.

But however exciting the journey’s been up to now, the future promises to be an extraordinary time to be in this business. The momentum generated by digital and the effect it is having on our society is unprecedented. We are right now shaping the future direction of what we do in the technology space with our clients—helping them to reinvent themselves to be relevant in the future. It means working at the intersection of business and technology every day.

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