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Stian Fossum

Managing Director - Banking



I’ve been with Accenture since 2000, working with various banking clients across the Nordics. Over that time I’ve worked with many clients to help them establish multi-channel solutions, transform their credit processes and applications and manage large-scale programs with a focus on establishing efficient business processes and IT applications. For the last five years, I’ve led our banking industry group.

While my background is in business, I’m equally fascinated by how technology and digital is changing the way that banks operate and serve their customers. That’s never been more the case than it is today. The key to innovative banking success in the future will increasingly depend on being able to efficiently leverage emerging technologies and re-design business processes to continuously match ever more demanding customers and their preferences. And that’s the case both in retail and corporate banking. In short, understanding what your customers really want is going to be more important than ever.

As banks embark on their journey to digital transformation, they are having to find new ways to get to know their customers far better than ever before. One of the most exciting recent developments we have to help them do that is Accenture’s acquisition of Fjord, a company that helps businesses to map the customer journey in new ways, and create a tangible roadmap to follow with a customer-centric design strategy. Fjord’s innovative thinking and approach, combined with Accenture’s ability to execute and implement, is creating a powerfully unique offering in the banking market. I’m very excited to see where it can take our clients as they embrace the opportunities of the digital world.

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