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Philip Wiig

Country Managing Director, Denmark


Philip Wiig is the Global Quality & Risk Management Lead for CMT, and the Country Managing Director in Denmark. Philip joined Accenture in 1984 in Copenhagen and has worked on large IT transformation programs in most industry sectors over the course of his career. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from the Danish Engineering Academy.

While most of Philip’s career has been spent in the Nordic region, he has also spent time working in Chicago, London, Barcelona and Paris.

Philip has four children and lives with his wife, Betina, in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen.


Five winning strategies in the circular economy

Published 28. March 2016, by Philip Wiig

Our traditional "throwaway" culture is slowly stifling growth. However, modern circular business models that use and reuse resources far more effectively can point growth back in the right direction. There is great potential for Danish and Nordic businesses here as well.