Mikael Stenstrand

Research Manager - Accenture Research



Mikael is a research manager based in Sweden. He leads Accenture’s Healthcare research activities in EALA, including Thought Leadership development, market/business analyses for business development, client projects or internal planning, and other strategic analyses.

Mikael has more than 15 years of industry and business research experience, mainly within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and has led numerous multi-national research projects. Prior to joining Accenture he worked as a Consumer Health market analyst. Mikael holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economy from Stockholm University.

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Articles by Mikael

Digital disconnect: Plugging into disruption in Sweden

Published 9. April 2015, by Caroline Holm and Mikael Stenstrand

Digital disruption. In today’s world, markets seem to change overnight. With companies coming on the scene with break-out innovation that effectively rewrite the rules for entire markets and sectors.
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