Kari Kuisma

Senior Manager - Accenture Digital



I lead innovation and technology planning in Nordic Mobility, across all industry groups. The perspective my role gives me enables me to see how digital transformation is impacting new areas and taking new forms all the time for all our clients, for example through to the Internet of Things.

My experience in digital transformation comes from extensive experience and deep and wide knowledge of several "digital" technologies, both software and hardware. I’ve worked as a manager, technology innovator and leading architect in software R&D and in product development in high tech and communications industries. Before joining Accenture, I was a Chief Software Architect at Nokia. I’m therefore able to bring that experience to bear in my work for clients today, helping them to apply out-of-the-box thinking to find new, innovative and meaningful ways to apply technology enablers to their businesses.

One of the most exciting changes today is seeing the development of the internet from being primarily about people to the ubiquitous Internet of Things—a development that will see more and more internet content come from smart, but often small and cheap, devices, sensors and so on. These devices can sense their environment, they are aware of time and location and can provide all that information to everybody, everywhere. What that means for our clients is the chance to build their businesses in totally new—and sometimes unexpected—directions. Those digital journeys are something that I am very excited to be a part of.

My passion for digital innovation extends into every aspect of my life. I try as much as possible to get hands-on experience with new technologies so that I can get a solid understanding of their potential as well as their limitations. To date I’ve built a couple of 3-D printers, a number of drones and installed wireless sensors to monitor the temperature, air quality and humidity of my horses’ stable—with all the data accessible from my smartwatch. So digital transformation is something that I live with 24/7!

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