Iñaki Amate

Managing Director – Group Director, Fjord



As Fjord’s Regional Group Director for the Nordics, Turkey and Russia, Iñaki Amate pioneers Fjord's international growth. It all started back in 2004 when he transformed Fjord's Helsinki office from two people to a bustling 60 person team. He later opened the doors to Fjord's first clients in Russia, Holland, Brazil and Chile while simultaneously supporting the younger offices in Paris and Istanbul. Iñaki was also instrumental in creating Fjord's first business sales team, so that the company could reach new markets and industries, as well as new countries.

Iñaki loves to remix technological and social trends he gathers from across the world for his clients at Fjord. He samples a little from a project in Japan, mixes it with some research his teams have done in Turkey, and transforms it into something completely new for a client in Brazil.

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