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Henrik Rasmussen

Managing Director - Customer Goods, Accenture Denmark



I am a Managing Director in Accenture’s Products Operating Group in the Copenhagen Office, responsible for the Consumer Goods & Services (CPG) industry in Nordics.

I have worked extensively with clients in many industries, including CPG, in the Nordics and Asia, helping clients implement large change programmes, for example sales support, supply chain and finance processes.

Besides implementing major business process changes, today we also see the impact of digital on CPG businesses here in the Nordics. It is reshaping the way that they think about not only being digital on the outside with consumer websites and apps and so on, but increasingly integrating digital capabilities on the inside. And it is this intersection of technology and business that is really exciting.

With an educational background as an engineer, I have also worked in business related roles during my career at Accenture. I am able to see how two worlds that might once have been separate are now increasingly converging. Technology is now not only an enabler of business outcomes, it is also a driver of business change. And that is something we are helping our CPG clients to address as they develop their digital strategies. One of the roles I play is to help our clients see the possibilities that digital offers - things that they could not do five years ago. They are able to engage their consumers in new ways and begin to move from local and regional strategies to start thinking about how digital can support their global growth.

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