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Francis D’Silva

Senior Principal - Accenture Digital



Francis D’Silva is an experienced technology strategy consultant in Accenture’s Nordic practice and leads the Digital Health and Public Services efforts in Accenture Nordics. He is a thought leader in Information and Analytics Strategy and Enterprise Architecture planning. He has a deep understanding of the role of technology in society and government with a specialization in the Health and Human Services industry. He has prior experience from the Insurance, Banking and Telecom industries. He works with clients in designing and planning transformation programs and shaping and executing innovation programs that exploit emerging technologies and architecture practices. His interests are within the paradigms of “design-thinking” and “platform-thinking” and the nature of business-to-community activities that can drive innovation in organizations.

Francis has over 30 years of experience as a consultant, including nearly 17 years at Accenture. He is an active member of the board of the Norwegian Computer Society at the Eastern district level and national level. He is also a Senior Member of the Association of Computing Machinery.

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