21st United Nations Climate Change Conference

Accenture initiatives and insights on the impact and opportunities of COP21


The overarching goal of COP21 is to achieve a universal climate agreement. As this agreement will mark a disruption in the international climate debate, it will have widespread impact on business and will foster the transition to a low carbon economy.

In accelerating concerted action towards a low carbon society and economy, business leaders are now at the forefront in calling for climate policy. In the last five years, companies have shifted their strategies and are more widely responding to climate risks and investing in new solutions. CEOs believe that by creating an imperative to adapt to new circumstances, government regulations can represent benefits for those companies already leading their industries to a low carbon future.

The implications of COP21 will unveil tremendous business opportunities. Companies should start to prepare now, not only to be ahead of the regulatory curve but also to turn compliance risks into first mover business advantage.

  • Identification and implementation of circular economy business models, and sustainable products and services

  • Quantification of carbon prices along the value chain

  • Protection of brand value by managing the carbon footprint

  • Identification of climate changed vulnerabilities throughout the supply chain

Climate Change Initiatives

Accenture is actively working with the major sector initiatives to help shape the agenda of COP21

  • Accenture Strategy - Sustainability Services and Accenture Resources support Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) to effectively accelerate the private sector impact at COP 21. SE4ALL was founded by Ban
    Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations in order to mobilize action from all sectors of society to promote universal access to energy, increase renewable energy and improve energy efficiency. Jean-Marc Ollagnier, Group Chief Executive, Accenture Resources, is a member of the advisory board of SE4ALL.


  • Accenture Strategy – Sustainability Services published together with the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) the SMARTer2030 report. It highlights the business case for low-carbon growth and energy efficiency gains through information and communication technologies and materials.


  • Accenture Strategy partnered with the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and Caring for Climate on a Special Edition CEO Study: A Call to Climate Action. The study focuses on the business opportunity in innovating new technologies and solutions to the climate challenge.


  • Together with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Accenture Strategy recently published a new report: Low Carbon, High Stakes. The report examines what investments Utilities companies should make in order to achieve the 2-degree target while yielding new revenue, as well as what governments can do to facilitate this.


Our Environmental Commitments

"Not only is accelerating the shift to a low-carbon economy good for the planet, it will drive economic growth and create jobs around the world. I am extremely proud of the ongoing commitment of Accenture and our people to help improve the way the world works and lives."​

Accenture's Chairman & CEO


Nanterme is one of more than 75 CEOs of global companies to join the World Economic Forum-facilitated CEO Climate Leadership Group. CEOs signed an open letter to world leaders urging a comprehensive, inclusive and ambitious climate deal at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties 21 (COP 21).

Additionally, we recently announced new 2020 targets to further reduce our environmental footprint by:

  • Improving our energy efficiency by 30 percent against our 2007 baseline.

  • Expanding to 75 percent the percentage of our key suppliers who disclose their targets and actions toward emissions reduction.

Accenture at COP21

Accenture Solutions COP21 Event
On December 4th, Accenture will host an entire morning with the “Solutions COP21” Forum to showcase innovative solutions to the climate challenges being address in Paris. Together with partners such as CDP, the World Economic Forum, We Mean Business, and UN SE4ALL, we will highlight value creation opportunities with a focus on circular economy business models and digital climate disruptors.

UNFCCC Energy Day hosted by UN SE4ALL
On December 7th, UN SE4ALL has been entrusted to organize the Thematic Action day within the official negotiations zone on Energy, focusing on renewables, efficiency and access. Accenture will host the private sector session and invite client CEOs to showcase their COP contributions.

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Bruno Berthon

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