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Our Inclusion & Diversity Culture



Each year, the Milken Institute hosts a global conference that brings together leaders from around the globe to discuss solutions to some of the world’s biggest economic challenges. This year our own Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer – North America , joined a panel of global business leaders to discuss aspects of a diverse workforce. Watch the above video to hear why Julie thinks courage is an important piece of inclusion and diversity.

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Accenture’s Global Inclusion & Diversity program sets our overall diversity strategy around the world. Since our founding, our mission has been to make Accenture’s culture of inclusion and diversity central to the way we do business, enabling us to serve our clients and develop our people.

Through our enduring core values—Stewardship, Best People, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual and Integrity—along with our employee resource groups and training, we value diverse and unique contributions. In February 2003, Accenture formally established a Global Inclusion & Diversity corporate function to provide strategic guidance and support for Accenture’s diversity programs and activities in countries around the world, and to promote a discrimination-free and harassment-free work environment for all employees globally.



Accenture Diversity Council

The Accenture Diversity Council, which includes members of our Global Management Committee, assesses the inclusion and diversity matters we face, sets strategic direction and prioritizes our actions globally. It focuses on all diversity segments including age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or sexual orientation.

The diversity of our people is part of what makes Accenture exceptional. Individuals of diverse talents and backgrounds, unified by our core values and common methodologies, position Accenture to deliver high performance with the best mix of world-class capabilities and experience.


At our offices around the world, Accenture supports groups, meetings and educational opportunities to connect individuals, who wish to strengthen their networks, grow their skills and give back to their communities. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide opportunities to collaborate with colleagues who have similar interests or backgrounds and to participate in career development workshops, mentoring, local recruiting and community service activities. These groups—which may be organized around a common experience, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, career path, family arrangement, ability, faith or religion—focus on an individual’s needs and interests, as well as the needs of the communities in which we work and live.

ERGs develop based on local demand and interest, and differ from location to location.

No matter where they are, their goals are to:

  • Promote diversity through initiatives that focus on education, awareness, professional and personal development and cross-cultural interactions

  • Foster a means for individuals with similar backgrounds to network around similar challenges and opportunities

  • Offer professional direction

  • Support national and local recruiting and retention efforts

  • Build external relationships with diverse businesses

  • Support diverse nonprofit organizations as part of our corporate citizenship initiative

For example, employees in the United Kingdom have access to resource groups ranging from ethnicity to enablement for people with disabilities, to sexual orientation and religion.


We offer a variety of learning opportunities designed to educate individuals about inclusion and diversity in our workplace and to prepare our people to collaborate successfully with colleagues and clients. Training is available globally throughout our employees’ careers.

Accenture’s inclusion and diversity training includes:

  • Diversity Awareness, to help our people develop a greater sensitivity to the challenges and opportunities presented by working in an increasingly dynamic, global and diverse organization. Topics covered include cross-cultural awareness, LGBT equality and valuing persons with disabilities.

  • Diversity Management, to develop our leaders’ management skills and to coach them on how to create an inclusive work environment. Topics include leading, managing and working across cultures.

  • Professional Development, to build skills that increase each participant’s personal success at Accenture. Topics include leadership, client centricity, negotiation and performance. Learn more about our women's training programs.