Ari Torpo

Managing Director, Products

Joined Accenture in 1995

About Ari:
Ari joined Accenture in 1995 and has since served clients in the telecom, industrial and retail sectors. Currently Ari leads Industrial Equipment, Retail and Consumer Goods industry in Finland as well as Accenture’s Nordic Automotive and Industrial Equipment business. Ari is an expert in IT-led business transformation and driving change in global organizations. He has been leading a number of major global ERP programs resulting in successful implementations in more than 70 countries on all continents. His long ERP experience serves as a sound basis for him to help Finnish industrial manufacturers and retailers to succeed in global competition by introducing automation and digitalization benefits and to improve their operations and boost sales. This is done by continuing the business transformation to fully utilize the possibilities provided by integrated business systems.

Ari holds a Master’s degree in Automation, Robotics and Industrial Economics from the Helsinki University of Technology.

What’s on the horizon:
Industrial manufacturing and retail are living through a massive revolution of digitalization. As an automation and robotics engineer, I am dedicated to drive Accenture’s Internet of Things agenda to help my clients to move to new areas whether they are integrated engineering and manufacturing, automated supply chain operations in warehouses or even mobility tools for the future connected field engineer. In all these cases, the new solutions are based on connectedness, analytics and intelligence.

Ari Torpo

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