Ammad Butt

Senior Manager - Financial Services



As the Distribution & Marketing lead for Insurance at Accenture Denmark, my work focuses on helping our clients to understand their customers and then, armed with that understanding, develop the capabilities that will help them outperform the market. Increasingly, those capabilities are digital. What I see in digital transformation is the coming together of IT and business issues. Helping our clients to plan and execute their transformation journey is a core part of my role, and brings together both parts of my academic background which is firmly in both camps, having earned an M.Sc in Computer Science from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from the London Business School.

Transformation can be an enterprise-wide undertaking, or it can be more narrowly focused on a function. For example, in recent years my focus has been on analytics in the sales & marketing functions, helping our insurance clients to use analytics to differentiate in the market and respond to changes in customer behavior and needs. We’re seeing the pace of change really picking up – and that is the difference between digitization (which has been going on incrementally for the last 30 years) and digitalization which is creating radically new operating models and customer value propositions. And it’s this disruptive change that is really exciting. I am passionate about the opportunities and potential that digital transformation can be bring to the insurance industry, and I enjoy working with companies to realize that potential; particularly in an industry that has conservative traditions and is now having to respond to a very different world.

As the world changes, the insurance industry has to change with it. The industry has never been a first mover; the dominant approach has been “lets watch and learn,” which was appropriate for a slow-paced world. However, today’s customers have higher expectations from their insurance companies, because they have been educated by the experience of other fast-changing industries. From a customer’s point of-view insurance is a commoditized product like many others and so they want to know why their insurance company can’t deliver the same packaged service as others do. Responding to that question is a big challenge, but an even bigger opportunity for our clients. I am passionate in my commitment to help them address it.

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