Alexander Fritsch

Senior Principal - Accenture Digital, Nordics



As the world becomes increasingly digital, my work with clients is more and more focused on the interplay between business and technology. I’m working with clients across a wide range of industries facilitating the design of digital strategies and transformation roadmaps including business cases so that they can respond to the challenges and the opportunities of a digital world. In particular, I’m helping our clients to deploy analytics and harness Big Data to provide them with better insights and deliver more personalized experiences for their customers.

My clients range from retailers and consumer goods companies to consumer services companies in travel and transportation, telecommunication and finance. For all of them, the acceleration of technology development, including the growth in Big Data, is creating business opportunities that are hard to grasp or uncover unless you also understand the technology. So while my academic background is in economics and business, it’s ever more important to align that with deep understanding of technology. As a result, the need to pull together functional and technical expertise is becoming more important by the minute. The momentum generated by digital and the effect it is having on our society is truly exciting.

That transformation is also changing the way we work with clients. It’s no longer enough just to help a client design a digital strategy. We’re working now in an end to end way with them to support their entire digital transformation journey from strategy to implementation – and that’s a huge change for the consulting industry. But having seen this coming several years ago, Accenture is already well underway to realign its own operating model to fit this need and is therefore well ahead of the competition.

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