Vacations are all about the experience—and increasingly, guests want Instagram-worthy photos and personalized, memorable experiences.

TUI Group, one of the world’s leading tourism groups, sees the destination experience as essential to the company’s growth. With the expansion of their business unit, TUI Destination Experiences, employees work face-to-face with guests, offering airport transfers, hotel services, and more than 10,000 excursions and activities in 100-plus destinations to help customize the guest experience.

However, TUI Group needed to empower workers with reliable tools to respond to the customer in real time. They found it difficult to provide the levels of support required, especially during the travel high season when they needed to hire and onboard new IT support each year.

TUI Group collaborated with Accenture to overhaul their service desk operations to improve synergies, capacity, quality of support and efficiencies.

Strategy and solution

We helped establish a 24/7, single point of contact IT service desk for 9,000 TUI Destination Experiences employees around the world. In addition to providing Level 1 phone support in English and Spanish, Accenture created a portal with self-service functions and tools to address issues related to:

  • PCs, printers and shared folders.
  • iPads and smartphones.
  • Applications like C4C CRM software and user creation.
  • Mobile and fixed telephones.

Accenture’s IT service desk operations act as the hub. For local questions the service desk can’t answer directly, they can help the TUI Destination Experiences employee contact the right person.

We also helped improve the IT services ticketing capabilities so that each ticket is prioritized, traceable and recorded according to industry best practices. All of this was done with minimal disruption when rolled out to 38 countries over six months.

Continuous improvement

The IT support team serves as an intelligent back-office that helps TUI Destination Experiences plan and adapt for the future, incorporating technology and innovation in continuous improvement activities that enhance the service and reduce costs.

Employee survey

One example is a monthly employee survey to gather suggestions and identify areas for improvement as the team evolves the service quality and scope.

Analysis of support tickets

The team also analyzes reports from the ticketing system to identify improvement areas.

Intelligent support

We are currently piloting a chat function, using automation and a self-learning system, that’s accessible via desktops, iPads and smartphones.

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TUI Destination Experiences now has cost-effective, reliable and—crucially—faster IT services to support customer-facing employees. The team met the objective to reduce the average response time and handled numerous tickets within the first 24 months.


thousand tickets handled in total within the first 24 months.


of those tickets were through the portal.


thousand phone calls were handled by the improved service.


thousand password changes processed through the My Password self-service tool. The tool supports corporate credential management with no labor costs involved.

The start of TUI Group’s IT services journey

TUI Destination Experience’s intelligent IT back-office is lowering support costs and generating new insights for continuous improvement.

And their IT services journey has only just begun. The company has ambitious plans for growth, expanding the experiences they offer guests as well as adding new geographies.

In addition, they aim to digitalize their business, which means offering new capabilities and tools to employees. In both cases, Accenture’s capacity services can be scaled to quickly adapt to the new activity volume.

With Accenture’s IT support services, TUI Destination Experiences can focus on the strategic activities needed to achieve their growth goals, which start by enabling employees to deliver a personalized, high-quality experience.

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