Call for change

Supporting the workforce

A leading UK retailer is committed to helping its people realize their full potential. To achieve this, the retailer needed a clear view of worker qualifications and training so it could re-deploy people when needed, support personal growth, and build an agile, competitive operation. Switching from a highly customized on-premise system to Workday presented the ideal solution: Cost efficient, cloud-based and flexible, the lean model would ensure the organization’s systems remain relevant and responsive as the retail market evolves.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Collaborating to prevent future obstacles

Accenture was chosen as a strategic partner to implement a secure and collaborative Salesforce solution and provide key governance and advisory roles in the design of the Workday HCM and payroll platform, before leading the delivery. 

Accenture collaborated with the retailer to create learning, talent and performance modules, and disciplinary and grievance solutions. Best practice templates helped stakeholders generate new ideas, and a minimum viable product approach kept the team on schedule. Accenture put the organization’s experiences at the heart of the Workday solution, ensuring change management implications were quickly identified and mitigated.

A valuable difference

Investing in the future of the workforce

The new Workday solution was launched on schedule during the pandemic, thanks to Accenture’s collaborative approach and structured, interactive virtual sessions. The retailer can now track succession planning and continually update skills data via a central, cloud-based skills bank, while Salesforce Service Cloud enables more than 300 users to collaborate securely on HR tickets. The holistic view Workday provides saves significant time by automating training and certification checks, ensuring the right person is always working in the right role. Notifications alert teams to expiring certifications, and worker opportunities can be instantly identified.

The cost-saving solution has futureproofed the technology infrastructure that underpins the most important part of the organization: Its people.

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