A data-driven recipe for delighting customers


How to make sure every touch-point hits the mark?

For today’s fast-food consumers, mobile and online ordering are must-haves. But delivering them effectively can be a tall order—even for hugely successful brands. As part of a broader digital transformation, we helped Subway® restaurants make sure all their customer touchpoints were hitting the mark by creating a new data-driven experience optimization operating model. It’s now delivering meaningful insights that are helping them delight customers—and grow revenue—every day.

Reinventing experiences: Subway CDO on personalization
Talking personalization with Carissa Ganelli, former Chief Digital Officer – Subway Restaurants.

What Accenture did

Building up a new operating model, layer by layer

Using our deep experience of both organizational design and personalization, we helped Subway devise a completely new recipe for success—an operating model that would continuously optimize customer experiences through a dedication to scientific experimentation. Leveraging the technologies of Adobe Analytics and Target, the new model enables Subway to run vast numbers of user experience tests across digital channels—everything from changing the color of a single button to revising homepage promotional messaging—and see the results instantly. That’s providing statistically meaningful insights into how design changes affect customer behavior—and company revenue. What’s more, because we created the whole operating model, we’ve made it both quick to stand up and sustainable for years to come. By initially using our own resources to get the new capabilities off the ground, and then gradually handing over the reins to Subway’s own people, we've made sure it's a model that will keep delivering transformative customer experiences over the long haul.

Value delivered

Growing revenue with a culture of continuous experience design

Within weeks Subway saw benefits. By testing the millions of customers using their digital channels, they’re identifying opportunities to grow their remote ordering revenue at a pace to exceed a half-million dollars the first year. And the simplicity of Adobe Target means they’re able to convert test results into effective user experiences at the press of a button. What’s more, we baked a Design Thinking approach toward prioritizing tests into the heart of the operating model. That ensures Subway can focus on tests that really matter. It’s a completely new set of ingredients for delighting customers—and growing revenue.

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