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Summer Internship


A Summer Internship at Accenture gives you the opportunity to kick-start your career and give you valuable work experience at an early stage before graduating from University. You will be working in an innovative environment, learn new skills and get insight into the life as a consultant. Whilst based in one of our business units, you and your peers will participate in a real client project, helping them becoming high performance businesses. You won't just be shadowing others – you'll be getting in the mix right from the start. You and your team will start and finish a project during the summer, and your responsibilities might include testing software, conducting research, writing reports, creating an app, analyzing data and provide insight to different processes. We'll make sure you have all the support you need with a mentor who will be on-hand throughout to offer guidance.

The internship period lasts for about six weeks, from June to Augusts, and is located in the Oslo metropolitan area. It is best suited for students who has one year left of their University studies, either Bachelor or Master (depending on academic field). If you do well, we may offer you a permanent role after you graduate.

"In addition to being a part of an exciting project, I got to experience the life as a consultant. It was such a great summer where I learned a lot and had so much fun at the same time."

Julie Fuglum,
Summer Intern 2014 and Graduate 2015.


A summer internship isn’t all work and no play. It is important that our interns enjoy their time working with us, as well as enjoying the summertime. Therefore, we arrange some social events throughout the summer. These can range from a kick-off dinner the very first day, to barbeques, RIB adventures in Oslofjorden and events with Accenture’s internal soccer team. This varies from year to year, but the most important thing is to have fun while being an intern.


September 2017, we had a live stream on Facebook where we talked about Summer Internship, see the show in full here: