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New. Applied. Now.

Accenture Labs put technology innovation to work for you. Our R&D groups research and apply the newest technologies to help companies boost results today and future-proof their business:


This year we celebrate 30 years of innovation at Accenture Labs and the amazing people behind our rich heritage of patents and breakthrough solutions.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Join us in a tribute to the magic of innovation and innovators everywhere.

Enter the world of Accenture Labs and learn what drives our passionate team of researchers.


Accenture Labs is applying cutting-edge technologies in innovative ways to improve the way people live and work


Accenture Labs is located in seven key research hubs around the world: San Francisco, CA; Sophia Antipolis, France; Washington, D.C.; Shenzhen, China; Bangalore, India; Herzliya, Israel and Dublin, Ireland; and 25 Nano Labs. The Labs collaborates extensively with Accenture’s network of nearly 400 innovation centers, studios and centers of excellence located in 92 cities and 35 countries globally to deliver cutting-edge research, insights and solutions to clients where they operate and live.

Silicon Valley

Mary Hamilton
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Experiences, Industrial Internet and Industry 5.0 R&D areas

Washington DC

Lisa O'Connor
Cybersecurity R&D


Dadong Wan
Artificial Intelligence R&D

Sophia Antipolis

Emmanuel Viale
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Experiences, Industrial Internet and Industry 5.0 R&D areas


Lisa O'Connor
Cybersecurity R&D

Shenzhen – coming soon in mid-2019

Dr. David Nguyen
AI, Robotics, Industry X.0 R&D


Sanjay Podder
Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering R&D areas

Discover the exciting work in the Accenture lab, Bangalore, India.

Welcome to our labs in Sophia Antipolis, France.



Paul Daugherty is Accenture’s chief technology & innovation officer and leads the company’s Technology Innovation & Ecosystem group. He is also a member of Accenture’s Global Management Committee. In addition to overseeing Accenture’s technology strategy, Mr. Daugherty has responsibility for driving innovation through R&D activities in Accenture’s Labs and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients globally.
Marc Carrel-Billiard is the Global Senior Managing Director of Accenture Labs, the company's dedicated R&D organization. In his role, he also directs Accenture’s annual Technology Vision research, which looks at the future of enterprise technology. Marc has been with Accenture for nearly 20 years and has worked across all the five industries we serve. Before taking on leadership of Technology R&D, Marc was the global lead for Emerging Technology in Accenture. He has held several global leadership roles within Accenture’s technology group, including within Application Portfolio Optimization and SOA/Integration Architecture. He has worked across several cutting-edge areas of IT including voice recognition, knowledge-based systems and neural networks.
Michael Biltz is a Managing Director with Accenture Labs responsible for leading Accenture's annual Strategic Technology Visioning efforts. Through Accenture's Technology Vision, Michael coauthors Accenture's perspective on the future of technology beyond the current conversations about the cloud, social, mobility, and big data.

In this role, Michael helps Accenture clients filter through the changes in the technology marketplace to understand how these changes will impact them over the next 3-5 years. Internal to Accenture, Michael also helps guide Accenture's research and development investments.

Prior to his current role Mr. Biltz led the businesses development efforts for Technology Lab's 'Accenture Innovation' program. Here he directed the 'Accenture focused' research and development within the labs and managed the deployment efforts of surrounding labs assets to Accenture.

Mr. Biltz joined Accenture in 1998 after receiving a B.S. in engineering from Northwestern University.

Andrew Fano is a Managing Director at Accenture Technology Labs where he leads the Artificial Intelligence R&D group. The AI R&D group is focused on applied research on natural language processing and machine learning. Andrew also leads the Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics within which Accenture collaborates with clients and MIT faculty on leading edge applied research. During his 20 years at Accenture Andrew’s research has explored the application of text mining and machine learning to a wide array of industries including products, industrial equipment, insurance, pharma, retail, security, packaged goods, and aerospace. He has hosted and participated in hundreds of technology workshops with senior and C-level executives of Fortune 1000 companies intended to explore and expand their technology strategy. He frequently serves as a SME on projects advising on a range of technology application areas, and is among Accenture’s top patent holders.

Ethan Hadar is the managing director and location lead for the Accenture Lab in Tel Aviv. Within Accenture Labs, Ethan leads the Agile Security for Industry 4.0 for cyber defense, focused on applying new methods and technologies to enable rapid remediation of security concerns in industrial environments ranging from smart manufacturing to oil and gas.

Ethan experience and innovation are in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Information Systems, Cloud Security, Software Architecture, Security Management, Computer Vision, Image Security, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and IoT.

Prior to joining Accenture, Ethan worked in the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Israel with IBM Research, CA Technologies, AGT, and HP. He served as Senior Vice President for research, CTO, and chief Architect. Dr Hadar is a distinguished researcher with 43 patents (15 in the Security Domain) and 62 peer reviewed published articles and over 50 invited talks at customers and scientific global conferences. He is a faculty member of Zefat Academic College, Department of Information Systems.

Ethan holds a PhD in Operation Research and Systems Analysis and M.Sc. in Mechatronics from Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology.

Mary Hamilton is the managing director and location lead for the Accenture Lab in Silicon Valley. Within Accenture Labs, Mary leads the Global Digital Experiences research and development agenda focused on applying emerging digital technologies to address key business challenges of Accenture's clients. Her multidisciplinary team develops differentiated technology concepts and solutions in new areas such as Digital Customer, Digital Workforce, and Digital Operations. These capabilities are based on innovative advances in experience driven technologies including virtual, immersive, and augmented reality, wearables, 3D printing, connected car, customer analytics and lifestyle services, social collaboration, gamification, augmented workforce, and crowdsourcing.

Outside of Accenture, Mary serves on the Board of Directors for Women Who Code, a non-profit organization that works to inspire women to excel in technology careers. Mary has a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.​

Edy Liongosari is Accenture Labs Chief Research Scientist responsible for driving the research agenda for Accenture Labs globally.

Edy has been with Accenture for over 25 years. Prior to his current role, Edy was the head of Accenture R&D Labs in Bangalore, India, where he led a global team of R&D personnel to industrialize Accenture's system development process. He also spent several years leading research for knowledge modeling and semantic integration of disparate information sources which has been successfully applied in many domains – from drug discovery in pharmaceutical companies to identifying suspects in criminal investigation. Edy and his team have received numerous patents and awards for innovation. A copy of his research work has also been placed into the Smithsonian's permanent research collection.

Edy has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Indiana University and is a member of IEEE, ACM and Microsoft's Distinguished Engineering Council. He is also a board member at the Software and Information Industry Association.

Lisa O'Connor is a Managing Director in the Accenture Security Practice who leads Global Cybersecurity Research and Development for Accenture Labs. She joined the Labs from our Financial Services consulting practice in North America, where she led Accenture's security efforts in Banking and Payments.

Lisa has over 26 years of information security experience, with over 16 years focused in financial services and over 7 years as an active member of the Financial Services Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council. Her experience includes five years at Fannie Mae leading Information Security Governance, seven years leading national security consulting practices at Predictive Systems (INS), Guardent (Verisign), four years with PricewaterhouseCoopers and nine years with the National Security Agency. Her work at the National Security Agency included assignments to the White House Communications Agency and to the Surveys and Investigations Staff of the House Appropriations Committee.

Sanjay Podder is the Managing Director for Accenture Labs in Bangalore and leads the company’s Software Engineering R&D. He is also a member of Accenture's Technology Leadership Council. At Accenture Labs, he leads an experienced team of data scientists and software engineering experts responsible for research and development, including application of data science and artificial intelligence in software analytics and automation. In addition, he has responsibility for driving research in selfadaptive software, machine and deep learning software systems, Blockchain and IoT. Sanjay is passionate about using the power of data science, IoT, digital and design thinking to solve complex social problems such as gender inequality, malnutrition and nature conservation. He is a Technology Mentor for several social entrepreneurs, changemakers and startups.

Teresa Tung is a Managing Director at Accenture Labs responsible for leading the Systems and Platforms Research

Group, with a focus on Internet of Things, real-time streaming analytics, semantic modeling, data virtualization, and infrastructure automation for Accenture's cross industry platforms (Accenture Connected Platforms as a Service and Accenture Insights Platform) that host client use cases from resources, financial services, and health and life science.

Her teams are actively working on Quantum Computing, IoT platforms, Smart Grid,

Smart Water, Intelligent Cities and Digital

Platform Technologies among other projects.

Teresa holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkley.

Emmanuel Viale is the Managing Director of Accenture Labs in Sophia Antipolis, France. He leads the R&D activities of the European Labs node with a particular focus on identifying and delivering applications of innovative and emerging technologies for the various Financial Services industries: Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets. Emmanuel has a particular focus on Blockchain technologies, covering payments, transactions, security and broader IoT related applications of this technology area. He is leading the global Technology R&D for Accenture around blockchain. Emmanuel holds a degree in Signal Processing and Computer Science from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille, France.




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