Accenture's workplace tech

Greater value at lower cost


Determining our employees’ computer needs requires a detailed understanding of how technology is put to use within our organization.

Analysis of employee computer usage patterns revealed reliance on—and decided preference for—consumer tech, versus the capabilities offered through company-provided computer products.

Identifying those preferences was critical in providing employees with laptops that were relevant and similar, if not superior to, consumer models in terms of features and performance, but also more affordable.

"Employee computer usage patterns revealed a reliance on (and decided preference for) consumer technology, versus the capabilities offered through company-provided computer products."


Our Workplace Technology and Collaboration team launched a four-year, metrics-based review of the enterprise’s computer procurement process, evaluating every facet of the IT ecosystem.

The result was an advanced protocol for purchasing employee laptops. Factoring in usage and negotiation guidelines, build specifications and capability standards, we aimed to deliver greater value by being smarter about every dollar spent


In just four years, our workforce initiative resulted in a 50-percent decrease in the price of upgraded employee laptops.

Additionally, we reduced IT spending to levels lower than the industry standard for computer equipment of significantly higher build quality and performance.

Other highlights included:

  • Doubled RAM

  • Shift to Solid State Drives

  • Commitment on quality and delivery

  • Improved screen resolution