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Fast Retailing, with UNIQLO as its flagship brand

Fast Retailing has grown its business with its flagship brand UNIQLO. Accenture has helped it with business transformation to achieve strong retail growth.


Accenture has helped Fast Retailing with business transformation, establishing a unified and global business structure to help achieve its robust retail growth target.

Fast Retailing, Japan’s largest specialty store retailer of private label apparel has grown its business with its flagship brand, UNIQLO, as its core. It has set an ambitious target of becoming one of the largest apparel retailers in the world and increasing its sales to ¥5 trillion by 2020. Fast Retailing, with its flagship brand UNIQLO, currently is ranked fourth in the global apparel retail sector.

In recent years, the group has accelerated its global expansion to help meet this target by establishing operations in Europe, the United States and Asia.


Fast Retailing wanted to maintain and strengthen a unified culture and organization, while pursuing transformation and growth in the global market.

Based on its successful working relationship with Accenture spanning more than 10 years, Fast Retailing chose Accenture to help establish the global business structure required to meet its target.

We built a global infrastructure that unifies processes and information systems. Accenture collaborated with executives across a broad spectrum of functions, cultures, customs and languages to assess and determine the best practices required for a global business structure.

For example, teams in Japan, Asia, North America and Europe worked closely to address the various challenges created among different geographies.

We have implemented a project titled “Global One” that:

  • Supports the group’s transformation in various areas, including business management, merchandise design, inventory and distribution management, and hiring and training personnel.

  • Standardizes business procedures by creating integrated infrastructure at the group and global level.


Through the “Global One” project, Accenture helped:

  • Mobilize various resources to support the group’s growth, enabling it to enhance its competitiveness in the global market and develop capabilities in business agility, quality of products and services, and innovation.

  • Create a robust and integrated IT infrastructure, allowing Fast Retailing to address changes quickly and enter new markets easily.

Accenture continues to provide the group with consulting and systems development support on an ongoing basis. We offer assistance in various areas to help Fast Retailing achieve its 2020 vision.