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Smart communications creating the world's smartest store



The explosion in smartphones and mobile data is changing how we live every day. It’s exciting, but bewildering for many. So when Smart Communications, the Philippines’s largest wireless communications provider, started innovating their mobile internet and broadband services, they knew they needed a way to show customers what their new technology could mean to them.


By bringing that technology to life in their flagship store, they could reach customers in a way they never have before—with interactive walls, reality headsets, digital turntables and more. And in doing so, their relationship with their customers would be forever transformed.



Smart Communications realized a fantastic way of bringing their technology to life would be to literally bring it to life—in store. And with our capabilities in retail strategy and user experience, they asked us to help. The store in question was their flagship store in the heart of Manila—and the idea was to turn it into the ultimate Smart store.

Digital you can see, touch and enjoy



To do that we totally redesigned the store around a series of digitally immersive experiences—each one interactive so customers could discover Smart’s new offerings for themselves. These experiences drew on the latest multiscreen digital rendering on panoramic walls. We created a self-care interactive wall where customers could manage their accounts, plus an interactive product wall and a gaming hub with virtual-reality headsets. Customers could even build music playlists to be played on a digital turntable.



The creation of this Smart flagship store has been a huge success, providing a new way to shop and raising the bar for customer experience in the Philippines. By massively improving the overall retail experience, and allowing customers to freely interact with Smart’s digital products, this world-class venue has seen a 249 percent increase in customers and a 169 percent increase in sales.

What’s more, the big data captured from in-store interactions is helping Smart continuously improve. It’s helping shape more relevant content and promotions, as well as drive dynamic pricing. It’s even helping deliver more effective visual merchandising to match the flow of foot traffic within the store. The result? An in-store sales increase of 169 percent.

Smart is now planning to transform its other stores nationwide, opening the door for even more customers to connect with the future. And making their relationship with the brand one that’s built to last.