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B2C E-Commerce implementation

Client and Challenge

Intergamma is market leader in the DIY Industry in the Netherlands, with 380 GAMMA and KARWEI franchise stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. The DIY market has changed in the last decade due to innovation and changed client needs. Intergamma asked Accenture to create an Omni channel strategy to realize a smooth customer journey and increase sales potential.

How Accenture Helped

Accenture realized an Omni channel strategy of B2C E-Commerce implementation for all formulas. All on- and offline customer journeys have been analyzed, implementing a mobile website and app, product review opportunities, in store pickup points for online orders and implementing multiple payment and delivery options.

Accenture optimized the discounting process by standardisation throughout the formulas, supported by a hybris implementation, thereby decreasing the turn-around time and improving efficiency.

High Performance Delivered

The Omni channel strategy which Accenture created allows Intergamma to:

  • Direct additional sales channel to consumers, which increase total sales potential

  • Decrease the efficiency costs of discounted sales and first steps of discount effectiveness (ROI)

  • Ensure a smooth customer journey throughout all on- and offline channels

For more information on this program, please contact Chris Hauca or connect with him on LinkedIn.