Build Experience

We Build Experiences by rewiring organizations with connected platforms and intelligence to enable customer-centric business process and culture.

Bringing unforgettable experiences to life

How do brands transform purpose into an extraordinary experience? They need a deep understanding of where their customers are and where their business needs to be. But that's only part of the journey. They also have to take user insights and creative ideas and turn them into something customers can actually feel.

That's where we come in. We build experience platforms that bring revolutionary ideas to life.

Accenture Interactive's Experience Platforms experts work with clients and partners to design, build and run the platforms essential to delivering meaningful experiences that live at the intersection of purpose and innovation. We bring the skills needed to turn great ideas into great applications. We help build the architectures that will define the businesses of the future.

After all, an idea no one sees is just an idea. To turn it into something real, you have to build it.

How we help

We define and build the applications, architectures and operating models that transform a creative vision into a tangible experience.

Sales, service, marketing and commerce solutions

Designing and implementing the technology foundation of the modern customer-centric business

Experience technology strategy

Defining the future-proofed architectures that deliver exceptional user experiences

Customer data orchestration

Building the customer data systems that fuel the insight-driven intelligent enterprise

Digital product creation and engineering

Building software that changes the way people work and live

Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

Leveraging the latest marketing technologies to create unified experiences that span the customer journey

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Unique customer engagements

For many, better customer engagement is a linchpin of their transformation as customer experience supplants product and price as their key differentiator. The ability to deliver unique and personalized customer experiences across an increasing array of channels and touchpoints is foundational to their success.

Unified data is at the heart of creating engaging customer experiences, and as a result a new breed of tools classified as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are gaining prominence.

The objective of a CDP is to bring all customer information together and to stitch it into a unified customer profile. Other systems, such as advertising, marketing, sales, service, analytics and ecommerce, use the unified customer profile to deliver unique experiences across multiple channels.

Read more in our report about how Adobe Experience Platform offers a compelling solution for organizations looking to enable a true omni-channel vision of their customer’s interactions.

In this paper we discuss the concept of CDP, how it differs from other data platforms, and how AEP delivers personalized experiences.

What we think

Learn the three essentials needed for CX success from whiteboard to dashboard results.

What focus areas help enterprise leaders accelerate campaign execution and enhance CX?

Ready, reset, reinvent: the emerging trends in business, tech and design.

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Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage

As a result of the Shopping Tomorrow research trajectory, we published a paper on experience driven commerce with Adobe and a paper about responsible AI in Ecommerce with Baker McKenzie.

In a world where online marketplaces gain territory and big investments are done in online and offline touchpoints, the battlefield is in the domain of experience. We explored how you can gain a sustainable competitive advantage with experience driven commerce.

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides many new opportunities for delivering the ultimate customer experience, while at the same time businesses and lawmakers are required to handle this responsibly. We identified how AI might help to offer consumers a relevant customer experience, while at the same time remaining within the bounds of the privacy laws and regulations and consumers’ expectations.


Case studies

A first-class ticket to tomorrow.

One brand, one platform, one journey.

Subway is using experience design, analytics and personalization to drive customer loyalty.

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Our experience consultants weigh in on the latest insights and trends in the customer experience domain.

Responsible AI in commerce

Responsible AI in E-Commerce to meet your customers’ expectations

Future experience driven commerce

The future of experience-driven commerce: relevant content and more touchpoints

Meet our lead

Challenges we help our clients with

We help our clients to increase online sales, build better customer intimacy and enable seamless customer experiences. We do that by shaping, building and running experience platforms in content, e-commerce and marketing.

Experience management

We help companies to learn and improve their customer experiences iteratively, while collecting both quantitative and qualitative data.

Real-time personalization

We help companies to deliver personalized experiences based on the customers behaviour and actions to increase customer engagement.

Experience driven e-commerce

We help companies to be agile, enable them to quickly create new touchpoints and ensure a unified customer experience with all these touchpoints.

Agility with cloud enabled platforms

We help companies to move to a more scalable, highly modular, compatible cloud architecture, to enable ground-breaking customer experiences.

Driving marketing automation

We help companies improve relevancy for customers and leads, sales and marketing alignment and create insight in digital marketing performance.

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Alliances and partners

We extend our expertise and capabilities through a network of market leaders and innovators.


Adobe CXM Space: The Future of Customer Experience

At this event we were one of the experts and partners that showed how we deliver Customer Experience Management (CXM) at scale.

Milestone Awards 2020

Successful collaboration needs celebration! At the milestone awards collaborations were put in the spotlight for achievements in Experience Platforms.