Optimized Innovation

Bring higher-quality high performance computing products to market faster with the help of AI.

Engineering Compute

Massive high-performance compute grids designed for product design, modeling, simulation and verification can increase confidence in product quality. However, the compute infrastructures of many of our clients’ grids are struggling to keep up with the pressures of capturing and protecting market share.

Our solution uses complex models and machine learning (ML) to help clients optimize prediction of compute and storage resources for near-term scheduling and long-term demand planning, with a 95 percent accuracy. Users have the ability to orchestrate tradeoffs and meet required demands in business specific rules, allowing seamless integration between on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

Accenture’s Engineering compute solution for semiconductor delivers dramatic improvements in resource (compute, network, and storage) utilization, while optimizing tool license consumption costs and enabling faster completion of product design cycles. For more, read the brochure:

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Accenture Engineering Compute is an AI-enabled orchestration engine that can help clients balance time-to-market with quality and functionality.

What we do

Lower total cost of ownership

Accenture Engineering Compute optimizes utilization of public and private clouds.

Accelerate innovation

Achieves faster time-to-market for complex products with intelligent scheduling of high-performance compute workloads.

Improve product quality

A more efficient compute grid allows for more, and varied, simulations that help model, test and verify product designs fast.

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How we do it

Global intelligent scheduling

Combines business aligned rules engine for applying predictions with two-tier global scheduling across on-premise & cloud (burst) environments

AI/ML resource prediction

Enables continuous optimization of prediction models, applies in real-time to work requests based on operational data from the computer environment

High performance compute optimization

Develops data center strategy, grid design & reference architectures for compute, storage & IO telemetry

Demand planning

Applies forecasting tools to reconcile short & long-term demand for infrastructure capacity

Ops diagnostics & dashboarding

Provides analytical reporting for visibility into KPIs, diagnostics & detailed telemetry

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The impact

Accelerate innovation by:


Reduction in time-to-markets


Improvement in throughput

Reduce total cost of ownership by:


Increase in infrastructure utilization (over baseline)


Decrease in memory and core spend

25 on 25: Reduce your time to market and R&D spend

Accenture helps transform your operations model by reducing time-to-market and total R&D spent on non-product differentiating functions by up to 25%.

Accenture Engineering Compute Solution

Accelerate innovation and extract maximum value

Accenture Takes HPC to the Enterprise

Deliver huge gains with cloud bursting for HPC

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