Application Management and Business Processing Services for SAP

Automate IT and business processes, rotate to the “New SAP”, and consolidate IT operations and vendors to achieve agility and cost savings.


With a 40-year history providing SAP services, Accenture delivers reliable, value-generating application management and business processing services for SAP clients.

We provide ongoing management of a single application to an entire application portfolio and spanning the full SAP applications lifecycle—delivering measurable business impact today while making you tomorrow-proof with the power of New IT.

More than 40 Accenture Global Delivery Center locations around the world provide SAP services. This gives us unique capabilities across more than 500 different SAP specialties to provide any combination of local, regional and global resources that is right for you.


We combine our SAP capabilities to provide differentiated, industry- and function-based, end-to-end business and technology services as-a-service: everything-as-a-service provides scalable, consumption-based business services integrating business processes, applications, platforms, cloud, security, and infrastructure.


Application Management

Accenture is revolutionizing the way applications are developed and managed with the Accenture Intelligent Enterprise Platform and Liquid Application Management. We enable our clients to automate their business, consolidate IT to improve efficiencies across people, applications and vendors, and to achieve unparalleled speed, agility, productivity and efficiency gains.

The Accenture Intelligent Enterprise Platform is an insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that powers enterprise transformation from business case to roadmap, delivery and continuous improvement.

The platform helps to keep up your operational health and keep optimizing for value and innovation. It uses Accenture myWizard to monitor value realization against your business case KPI’s, and is always providing new insights for constant improvement.

And as Accenture and SAP continue to apply our best thinking for industry, function and technology into our Intelligent Enterprise Platform, your business is regularly updated to stay future-proof.

Business Processing Services

Accenture is reinventing business operations through industrialized business process expertise, technology, applied intelligence and data—to boost the intelligence engine of our clients’ businesses.

Our business processing services for business functions use SAP solutions such as SAP Ariba for procurement or SAP SuccessFactors for Talent and HR.

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Infrastructure and Cloud Services

To simplify and accelerate moving SAP applications to the cloud, we offer design, implementation, migration and managed services to help transform and optimize IT infrastructures—on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

As the only No. 1 integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google, we apply our significant experience to help you with the strategy, timing and roadmap, making your journey quick and effortless.

Our end-to-end infrastructure services—from data center and workplace to network, security and operations—help you define and implement a comprehensive, agile blueprint to transform the infrastructure that underpins your IT strategy, as well as form and execute the security strategy needed to help you proactively minimize risk.


Client Successes


Henkel collaborated with Accenture for SAP application maintenance and CRM and supply chain planning. The program enables Henkel to reduce IT costs by €50 million and reinvest in new projects.


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