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Application services for SAP: Specific solutions for specific industries

We’re an SAP industry solutions partner. That means we have the know-how and wherewithal to help clients get the most out of their enterprise solutions investments.


Accenture and SAP are collaborating on a number of innovative industry-specific solutions to help our clients get the most out of their enterprise solutions investments and create greater enterprise value. These include solutions for the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Building Materials

  • Chemicals

  • Communications

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Electronics and High Tech

  • Energy

  • Financial Services

  • Forest Products

  • Health

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Manufacturing

  • Metals

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Public Service

  • Retail

  • Transportation and Travel Services

  • Utilities

Our solutions improve aftermarket business performance and keep pace with rapidly-growing demand for in-vehicle technology.

Through our Service Management Solution, we deliver greater inventory transparency and lower freight costs. For example, PROTON, Malaysia's largest auto manufacturer, chose us to upgrade its SAP system, enabling faster decision-making and increased responsiveness to customers.

This complex business presents challenges for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Some of the world’s leading chemical makers turned to us to help sort everything out.

Our Enterprise Services for Chemicals includes a robust portfolio for a range of needs, from core business transformation for new ERP customers to advanced capabilities for existing ERP-enabled companies.

Building Materials
We offer a comprehensive set of options aligned with specific needs, including implementations, supply chain management, application outsourcing and mergers and acquisitions integration.

Our Advanced Enterprise Solution for Building Materials, combined with our enterprise resource planning, frees up clients to focus on the complex issues that affect the bottom line.

In a wired world, cellular and broadband providers must maintain sharp focus on winning and maintaining the loyalty of the digital consumer.

Our revenue and procurement solutions generate robust back-office functions, enabling optimized sub-ledger accounting that equips providers with an accurate credit management process and an integrated view of the customer.

Consumer Packaged Goods
We cover the entire application life cycle to help clients tap the predictive power of customer data. We focus on three key technology categories: advanced analytics, business intelligence and cloud computing.

Our Innovation Centers provide a forum for exploring how SAP technology can enhance data insights. The SAP HANA® platform delivers data up to 100 times faster than standard methods.

Our Advanced Enterprise Solution for Energy funnels leading processes into a preconfigured ERP solution tailored to unique needs of oil and gas producers and others.

We package this solution with complete process documentation, a range of tools and “live” systems to speed up implementation. Royal Dutch Shell, one of the top energy producers, turned to us to help establish a single IT platform based on SAP R/3.

Electronics and High Tech
We provide SAP expertise to a number of sectors, including semiconductors, communications equipment, computers and consumer electronics.

For example, our semiconductor solution offers a live reference SAP implementation, allowing clients to focus on core capabilities in order fulfillment, inventory management, logistics, and finance.

Financial Services
Focusing on three groups – banking, insurance and capital markets – we help reduce costs, implement new technology, retain and add customers and navigate complex issues in risk management, regulatory compliance and finance.

We work with 40 of the world’s top 50 banks, seven of the top 10 life insurers and 18 of the top 20 money managers.

Forest Products
We’ve applied more than 30 years’ experience to help paper makers and related businesses streamline supply chains, cut delivery times by as much as 50 percent and realize full benefits of outsourcing and technology.

Our Forest Products Solution can be quickly aligned with a client’s needs, including new implementations, upgrades, advanced capabilities mergers and acquisitions integration and application outsourcing.

Industrial Equipment
Our Industrial Manufacturing for SAP Solution is supported by an end-to-end delivery model, leveraging the best of our knowledge and broad client experience.

Clients realize three important benefits: industry-focused delivery at scale; skills and specialization for large-scale SAP implementation; and industrialization through our set of tools and processes.

Amid intensifying concerns over rising costs, faltering innovation and quality of care, healthcare providers recognize the need to improve. This means improving budgeting, inventory management and other key functions.

We’re helping pharmaceutical companies, hospital organizations and others cut through the complexities and thrive in an increasingly patient- and consumer-centric environment.

We have a lengthy history providing SAP solutions across a number of areas, including systems integration, application design, process design and maintenance. It’s all aimed at building operating capability and improving business intelligence.

Our Advanced Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps manufacturers extract maximum value from SAP investments and improve efficiency.

Some of the world’s top steel producers and distributors reaped rewards from our ERP solutions. They’ve benefitted from reduced delivery times, industry-leading processes, cost-effectiveness and low-risk implementation.

Our Enterprise Services for Metals includes an end-to-end portfolio for a range of needs. We’ve helped metals companies in 25 countries, including ArcelorMittal Poland and ThyssenKrupp, run more efficiently.

Oil and Gas
Constantly shifting market forces dictate that those who produce the fuel to power the global economy must cut through operational complexity and grow with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Our Advanced Enterprise Performance Management Solution provides a holistic, proactive view, turning finance organizations into a value-creation machine to reduce costs and boost competitiveness.

Miners face unique challenges: consolidation and pricing power, declining reserves, volatile supply and demand dynamics and negative public perceptions. These factors pose difficulties for ERP projects.

Many top global players turned to our Enterprise Services for answers. We’ve helped them manage supply chains better, integrate acquisitions and curb costs. We count Anglo American, Freeport McMoRan and Xstrata among our clients.

Public Service
We’re not just focused on the private sector. We developed a Rapid Revenue Solution to deliver Web-based integrated workplaces for auditors, revenue agents, tax collectors and taxpayers.

In another example, we helped establish the Defense Logistics Agency, which provides acquisition, logistics and technical services (not to mention food and fuel) for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

Our High Performance Retailing strategy covers five crucial areas: customer centricity and talent management, demand generation, demand fulfillment, innovation and collaboration and efficient enterprise.

We focus on developing highly responsive and efficient systems and the innovations to vastly improve the sourcing, moving and selling of the product. SAP Retail can be a powerful enabler of high performance.

We’re SAP's primary development partner for utilities, having been involved in 95 SAP Customer Information System engagements globally since 1998. We have a full-time team working alongside SAP's utilities team in Walldorf, Germany, the only integration partner to do so.

Among the top 10 global utilities by sales, seven have Accenture-implemented SAP solutions. Our ERP solutions package a variety of processes for rapid deployment, providing faster, more predictable results with less cost and risk.

Transportation and Travel Services
We work with some of the world’s leading airlines, travel service companies, public transport organizations and freight and logistics companies. We provide a suite of technology solutions that leverage our SAP relationship.

Canadian National Railway, for example, turned to us to help mobilize business processes. We led an SAP integration project for Madrid’s public transportation agency that upgraded vehicle maintenance processes in a system that services 500 million riders a year.

With over 42,000 SAP practitioners and a four-decade relationship with the global enterprise software leader, we deliver unmatched expertise across a range of industry-specific solutions.

Procter & Gamble - Video

“With Accenture it’s a true partnership,” Carissa Bailey, Procter & Gamble’s Global Service Leader

Metso Mining and Construction Technology

“So we were really looking at the whole area from a long-term perspective. Let’s choose a partner that we can work with long-term in different areas.”

Pirkka Penttinen

CIO of Metso Mining and Construction Technology


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