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Accenture subscription services: Summary

Accenture Subscription Services can assist companies to establish crucial capabilities that will help them achieve significant scale in the subscription economy.


The Everything as a Service (XaaS) phenomenon is revolutionizing the electronics and high tech (EHT) industry. For software companies, it means refining the way they deliver and support their products to take advantage of cloud computing while competing with new Software as a Service (SaaS) players. For non-software companies with strategically important software divisions, related challenges occur. In addition, those divisions must often achieve outsized growth expectations as the new monetization model for their companies, even though they may not be experts in next generation software development, sales and operations.

As the value in technology offerings continues to shift from hardware to software and from software to software as a service, effective subscription services are rapidly becoming a strategic advantage. To capitalize on the opportunity presented by this SaaS disruption, both traditional providers and new entrants are having to:

  • Reorganize engineering capabilities in order to increase developmental agility while maintaining quality and predictability.

  • Diversify their businesses—dynamically investing in multiple business models while revamping related sales and business functions.

  • Shift mindset towards perpetual engagement as opposed to periodic interaction regarding customer lifecycle management.

XaaS is more than just a new way to deliver technical capabilities, it is a major shift in the fundamental business model of the industry. XaaS allows companies to sell differently, to an expanded set of buyers, with a different value proposition – all of which much be backed up by a transformed set of commercial capabilities.

By leveraging our end-to-end business transformation capabilities and deep industry knowledge, Accenture can help companies drive top line results by generating and retaining more recurring revenues from their XaaS customers.

Why Accenture

For many high performing companies, the growth of XaaS is accompanied by a major transition from traditional business models to new business models that impact the business processes across many major functions. Accenture’s deep understanding of existing high tech companies and their specific business models facilitate us to quickly understand each client’s unique requirements. Our breadth of experience and capabilities allows Accenture to quickly assess which industry-leading practices to customize and deploy, and the right ways to deploy them in order to enhance return. It’s an approach that respects our client’s legacy business while transitioning to your version of a successful SaaS business model. For our clients, Accenture Subscription Services can mean a more comprehensive, thoughtful, measured, and less risky approach to prosper in the XaaS world.

In addition, Accenture has the global reach, the strategic alliances and breadth of capabilities to help EHT companies enhance critical capabilities needed to generate and retain significant revenues from customers in the XaaS economy. Accenture’s differentiated capabilities include:

  • Industry Knowledge
    Accenture has deep experience across all major business processes in EHT companies allowing us to help clients to new capabilities that encompasses multiple legacy and emerging business models.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in enhancing software businesses, serving many of the global FORTUNE® 500 companies.

  • People and Assets 
    Accenture's deep industry experience, Centers of Excellence, and Global Delivery Network enables clients to take advantage of local, regional and global talent pools and secure the right business solutions with appropriate cost and consistent service quality.

  • Strategic alliances:
    We have an alliance ecosystem of the leading software providers of critical enabling capabilities for XaaS companies.

  • Innovative solutions: 
    By leveraging our industry-leading capabilities and our strategic alliances, we provide our clients with innovative solutions that help them enhance XaaS revenues.

  • Delivery Excellence
    solutions, industrialized assets and deep industry and technology skills. The Accenture Global Delivery Network is one of the largest and most diversified groups of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.

Specific Services

Accenture Subscription Services can assist companies to establish capabilities that will help them achieve significant scale in the subscription economy. This business service compliments Accenture offerings in Next Generation Engineering (building XaaS products) and Sales Transformation (Selling XaaS products) by enabling critical commercial capabilities to thrive in the subscription economy including:

  • Entitlements Services: The vital core of subscription services is the ability to track and maintain what customers have purchased and the specific usage rights to which they are entitled. Accenture Subscription Services can establish the enterprise-wide ability to track and enable which specific products, features and functions are authorized and available to customers and users.

  • Subscription Billing Services: Billing models for software services are rapidly evolving as enterprise customer expectations rise for greater alignment of technology costs and value.

Successful SaaS more closely aligns value delivered with payments received, increasing customer satisfaction and trust while creating future revenue streams. Accenture Subscription Services can deliver the capabilities required to implement the various value, user and usage- based billing models associated with XaaS business models.

  • Renewals Services: Effective renewals services make it easier and faster for companies to generate and retain more recurring revenues from their customers, in both their existing businesses as well as emerging “as-a-service” business models. Accenture Subscription Services offers leading technology, services and best practices to drive clients’ top-line results around existing and emerging recurring revenue streams through more effective data management, sales automation and sales analytics capabilities.