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Advertiser Support Services

Services for improving scale and service level quality.


Small and medium-sized businesses are not reaping the same rewards from Digital Advertising as their larger-sized counterparts. Without significant scale, resources and budgets, they cannot fully leverage digital capabilities and programmatic channels. As a result, they frequently abandon online advertising platforms—and significant revenue opportunities are lost.


To increase advertiser acquisition and improve retention, social platforms and online publishers need to make digital channels more accessible, efficient and profitable for small and medium advertisers. With the right tools in place to support advertisers’ digital advertising journey they can enhance effectiveness, engagement and revenues—while simultaneously lowering the cost to serve.

Key Capabilities Needed

New customer onbording

New customer

Cross-sell/up-sell, and win-back campaigns

Cross-sell/up-sell, and
win-back campaigns

Campaign optimization


Systems integration services

Systems integration

Live advertising customer support

Live advertising
customer support

Agent training and enablement

Agent training
and enablement

Customer-intention trends/issues tracking

trends/issues tracking

Accenture Services

Accenture Ad Support Services delivers end-to-end capabilities that empower advertising customers—of any size—to optimize digital channels.

Accenture’s comprehensive solution helps companies target, attract, onboard, support, and retain small and medium-sized advertisers. Our platform integrates with existing services to standardize processes and provide advertisers with self-service campaign development tools.

Designed to increase advertiser acquisition and
retention while lowering the cost to serve

Accenture Services