Accenture Video Solutions Architecture


Extensible. Configurable. Customizable.

Move with full autonomy and at the speed of service-hungry consumers. Our open and micro service software platform provides the complete, end-to-end capabilities a competitive digital video business needs, and its architecture can be extended even further with third party technologies.


AVS provides sample code for the most popular technologies on the market, including Web, iOS, Android, and managed set-top boxes. Enabling a convergent user experience, AVS offers hundreds of use cases, featuring live, VOD, catchup and network PVR content. AVS user interfaces can be fully configured using the AVS UI Builder and are pre-integrated with the AVA SDK for real time event data collection, enabling rapid time to market and maximized flexibility. For a fully bespoke UI, AVS clients can leverage either Accenture, its certified UI partners, or specialized certification programs with official product documentation, allowing easy design, development and deployment of custom customer experiences.


A real time event data collector is available for major market technologies. This is pre-integrated with our sample UIs, or available as external plug-in for custom-built UIs. The logs automatically produced for traditional events (e.g. playback, access) can also be easily extended for custom user journeys.


An industrial API gateway abstracts AVS micro services and exposes, off-the-shelf, more than 200 APIs to any IPTV or OTTV device. The API Gateway allows you to orchestrate APIs with external capabilities to enable new user experiences with a “write once, deploy multiple times” approach, whereby single business logic created in the back end and deployed on the API gateway serves multiple devices at the same time. The API Gateway allows for self-sufficiency and eliminates the risk of software release migration lock-in, as all custom code is abstracted from the AVS micro service architecture. A full DevOps framework is made available for AVS clients, helping to increase the pace of innovation whilst reducing complexity of front end application development. The AVS development team can create new services in short timeframes, with full trial testing prior to deployment.


AVS includes a module that enables server-side control over the User Interface (UI) of any OTT or IPTV device, powering a truly data driven, personalized and editorially curated end user experience. The user experience can be tailored for user segments, devices or geo-locations, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) and time to market for UI development.


The AVS Video CMS enables content planning teams to ingest, package and deliver linear, non linear and virtual linear catalogs to content delivery networks, supporting multiple formats and DRM protection while enabling fully cloud-based transcoding technology.


Micro service architecture provides complete solution flexibility and control, segmenting software complexity and accelerating the introduction of new features in production. The modular nature of AVS micro service architecture enables new technologies and partners to be rapidly integrated, plugged in, unplugged and developed in line with individual business requirements.


AVS exposes metadata and elastic search capabilities which can be leveraged to build bespoke catalogs for different user segments, with a templating mechanism that simplifies content discovery and helps to increase play rates.


Accenture Video Analytics (AVA) is pre-integrated with AVS, with big data architecture that can rapidly ingest data from user actions, service backend and external sources; integrating analytics insights into real-time decisioning. Combined with the AVS experimentation platform, this embeds a test and learn culture and helps to optimize business performance across all departments.


The AVS Command Center powers next generation video operations, combining infrastructure and service monitoring with predictive diagnostics and social sentiment analysis to maximize the quality of experience for users.


AVS provides a set of integration frameworks that allow easy integration of third party ecosystem vendors, such as network PVR capturing sub-systems, VOD transcoding services, digital advertising solutions, content recommendations, DRM solutions and device secure players.


Accelerate delivery for a growing number of features with the power and agility of AVS. Experience an unprecedented level of control over delivery, heightened roadmap granularity and minimized time to market through the AVS micro service architecture.

Our micro service architecture segments software complexity. Each component is independent, with its own roadmap and specialized development team. AVS provides dozens of micro services, which cover all atomic and basic video platform capabilities. This ability to isolate modules supports graceful degradation, enabling service substitutions in the instance that a functionality experiences operational issues, protecting against downtime.

Through our industrial, open API Gateway, you can access a set of more than 100 APls, which can be exposed to any IPTV or OTTV device. They are fully documented and provide developers with a simple, open means to create apps that serve the needs of specific user segments or processes, with a multiplier effect for rapid scalability.

AVS is open to the ecosystem, enabling third party technologies to be smoothly integrated into your video platform. Our AVS mediation layer provides powerful components that enable third parties to develop new plug-ins and add-on features.


Maximize efficiency and scalability with the cloud-based AVS deployment option. Scale components individually and automatically so they move in time with service peaks, optimizing the solution for your business.

Scalability and agility are at the heart of AVS. With fully cloud-based deployment options, the solution is designed to be as flexible as your business requires it to be, helping to optimize resources and infrastructure, reducing operational costs and lowering capex investments.

AVS runs on a fully virtualized environment, and can be deployed on both private and public clouds, as well as on-site, providing elastic scalability and robust disaster recovery.

AVS embraces innovation, and its cloud basis enables you to travel at the rapid speed of market demand, and manually or automatically align specific platform components with business needs and service peaks, helping to ensure maximum efficiency.

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