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Showcasing leaders who have scaled as-a-service business models to navigate growth and increase the value of their companies.


What’s your hippocratic oath to digital transformation?

“First do no harm”. CEO of N3, Jeff Laue shares his thoughts with host Kevin Dobbs on how the Hippocratic oath can be applied to the subscription-based businesses. Jeff also shares examples of companies that have been doing well during COVID times and how N3 is helping with customer success.

Are you disrupting your own model?

How can companies avoid business nightmares?

Steve Strongin, Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs sits down with Kevin to give his thoughts on valuable attributes of digital transformation from a Wall Street perspective. Steve also shares how influential platforms are to scale your business and the difference between dream and nightmare scenarios for your business.

Read Steve Strongin’s full reports that were mentioned in the episode:

How do you build value in the marketplace?

Who’s in your patchwork of subscription partners?

In the closing episode with Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora, Kevin Dobbs asks about the importance of partners in successful subscription-based models. Tien also talks about Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index and other strategic resources that make them so valuable to their customers.

*For more information on Tien Tzuo’s book please visit "Subscribed".

What exactly is the customer trying to do?

In this episode of the XaaS Files Kevin continues with Zuora Founder and CEO, Tien Tzuo. They talk about building an “as-a-service” business, Tien explains why it helps to better understand what the customer is trying to do, and then shares some of Zuora’s 9 Keys to subscription success.

*For more information on Tien Tzuo’s book please visit "Subscribed".

When does a customer become a subscriber?

Join Kevin Dobbs as he talks with Zuora Founder and CEO, Tien Tzuo. They discuss how Tien has seen the subscription world change in the last decade, how connecting with customers will find revolutionary ways of doing things and the difference between a customer and a subscriber.

*For more information on Tien Tzuo’s book please visit "Subscribed".

Does your digital business have a vibrant ecosystem?

In the conclusion interview with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, Kevin asks about the importance of partners when making the digital transformation shift. They talk about working backwards to help partners adjust to ensure customer success, challenges in approaching partnerships in different regions and advice to balance a changing ecosystem.

Are customers really the north star of your business?

In our continued conversation with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, he and Kevin Dobbs talk about transformation of the last few years, the journey to create a digital model and what it takes to develop a world-class, customer centric offering.

How resilient is your business in the current market?

In Accenture’s first XaaS Files podcast Kevin Dobbs talks with Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt about digital disruption, digital transformation and building digital business models. Doug shares his insight into why making the digital shift is now for survival.

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